UIPageViewController from scratch

How To Create UIPageViewController Using Storyboard

page indicator


  • Single View Application template  (root view controller)
  • product name PageViewDemo
  • Creating Page View Controller in Storyboard (Drag a Page View Controller from the Object Library) (page view controller)
  • add another View Controller (page content controller)
  • Storyboard ID PageViewController
  • Storyboard ID PageContentController
  • transition style to Scroll
  • page content controller image view and a label Drag add
  • root view controller Start again button add
  • Class create PageContentViewController custom class set
  • outlets for the image view and label
  • root view controller “Start again” button and name the action as “startWalkthrough”
  • Implementing the Page Content View Controller
  • Implementing the Page View Controller (container controller) (contain and manage multiple view controllers)
  • UIPageViewControllerDataSource protocol
  • Customize the Page Indicator (AppDelegate.m, add the following lines of code in the didFinishLaunchingWithOptions)